Precisioncraft's laser is 40 watts with a 12"x 24" table and a rotary attachment. We can handle parts up to 7" thick. Don't let the size fool you the front door opens to allow for larger parts such as a  canoe paddle.

If you require a part cut out of steel we are very capable of handling the design, drawing and the procurement of material for your project.

In need of graphics we can help out with that also.

Please see below for a few of our popular materials.

Lamacoids and Labels

We are able to produce lamacoids and labels in all shapes, colours, and sizes with adhesive or without. Lamacoids are great for electrical panels and more.

If you require a different material please contact us.

Metal Marking

Stainless steel, raw steel, anodized aluminum, titanium and more we can make a permanent mark that will be black.

If the mark is in anodized aluminum it will come out a light grey.

The product we use is great in any environment, and the marking will be crisp and black. 

If you require blanks to be laser cut we can provide this also. As well as any design you require.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Utilizing our laser we are able to engrave and cut: 

  • Wood
  • Plastics, acrylic
  • Paper
  • Cloth, leather
  • Etch Glass
  • Mark Steel

Glass Etching etc.

Our rotary attachment can handle a variety of glasses and cylindrical objects for laser engraving .

Need a few glasses for a wedding or another special event? We can source out the glass and provide you with artwork if you require it.

We have found that the less expensive glass will give better results. It is also very important that the glass be round as the artwork will look odd.

Wood  Laser Engraving

Wood and lasers are made for each other. The amount of detail that can be laser engraved is endless, plus the natural beauty of the grain in the wood makes it very special.

At Precisioncraft we have laser engraved  live edge slabs and also cut thin intricate pieces. Any type of wood will do, finished or unfinished.


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